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YO Steven Higdon
Gina Hickman is looking for you online.
Gina says he knows you this way:  I met Steven the summer before 9th grade at my ear doctors and then later at the mall. Its like we were destined to meet. We got each others phone numbers and the first night we talked we were on the phone for hours. We just clicked. We remained friends just talking on the phone and later when we were old enough to drive we saw each other occasionally only because we lived on opposite sides of the county. As we grew older, we unfortunately grew apart. I miss him and I just want to make sure he is doing well. He was my best friend and confidante for a long time. He was my soulmate..
The last time Gina saw you was around Summer 2002 in Groveland, Florida.
Here's a photo of Gina to jog your memory.
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